Shadowplay of Bishop Harber

Time is the ultimate sadist. She ties men up in knots and then just sits there, nearly invisible, doing nothing more than watching them in silent apathy to their begging and pleading, "But if only I had more time …" She merely smirks as each unlived moment slips into a regret-birthed memory.

— from The Secret Journals of Launcelot du Lac

I have a very simple mission in life. If I have blurred the lines between good and evil for only one person, if I have blended black and white into beautiful shades of grey for ‘even the least of these’, then I am accomplished.

— from Musings of Alexander Dante, Lord Xain

There is no good time to shoot yourself in the head. However, just before breakfast seems to be quite awkward for some—especially for the kitchen staff.

Lord Montgomery Chance

I rise each morning with Your name on my lips, knowing I desire to spend each day of my life with You. I retire each night next to You convinced of having lived another moment of forever.

Kronos Unbound

In that space where Neverland and Wonderland cross but never meet, we have learned to look behind the masks of circumstance and find precisely Now.

— from Sutras of Cornelia Gray, Lady Abbot of the Daedalian Accord

Love and hate are for amateurs. They are distractions to pass the time for those without the honest and naked passions of life itself. [...] But after the last dance around deception is concluded, love and hate are little more than the weapons of choice for emotional cannibals.

— from Bound: A Memoir of an Uncollared God

Your apathetic mouth bleating "I don’t care" betrays the pained heart screaming "I want to love but I don’t know how." Poor child, if life hurts, you’re doing it wrong.

— from Caesar Rabelais, The Best Little Whorehouse in Heaven

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Dark Images & Rambling Words

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    I spend a lot of time examining my life: past, present, future. Maybe it’s that curse of being an author/teacher/motivator always searching for a meaningful anecdote out of personal experience or maybe it’s just the consequence of being self-aware. I...

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