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author, mythologist, scholar, and storyteller


Tell the truth, but lead so improbable a life that the truth will not be believed.

Origin Story

Bishop was born in Houston, Texas, spent thirty years living in the sprawling Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and now lives in the historic West Hill district of Akron, Ohio. Orphaned at birth and then adopted into an amazing family that put reading first and did not allow any television after Kindergarten, Bishop was raised with a silver spoon and a full library.

Father of a daughter and two amazing sons, an obsessive collector of books and macabre art, Executive Director for a small, religious non-profit, and a glutton for punishment in academic studies as a lifelong student and educator, Bishop has a passion for the unusual, obscure, and absurd with a flair for romantic horror. He spends his days increasing his joy, keeping his zen, and engaging those around him in-person and on Facebook.

Bishop lives quietly—being legally deaf there is definitely a joke in there somewhere—with his husband, their youngest son, a Labrador Retriever, two Great Danes, a Husky, and three cats, and surrounded by incredible amounts of helpful technology.

Early Work

Bishop started out his writing career in grade school by sending bad poetry to pretty girls with whom he didn’t stand a chance. Working his way up to essays on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead—doesn’t every love-shafted young male end up in Rand’s lap?—he wrote vitriolic religious essays and publications throughout the late 1980s and 1990s.

After being published in the early 1990s with his short story, Horror of Cresthaven Hollow, Bishop dropped out of life to have several moral epiphanies of the depraved condition and rebounded from writing idiocies in unpopular occultism to writing idiocies in psychological fiction alongside boring theological treatises.

Dark Ages

The 1990s was a difficult time of seductive depravity and devastating consequences. Bad life choices and severe drug addiction plagued every moment of those years. The output of writing, however, was phenomenal and a large portion of Bishop’s work from that period is still extant and remans relevant and profound even today.

Bishop fell out of life in the mid-90s while running from a psychopathic first ex-wife (on the run with the woman who would eventually become his second ex-wife) and his own litigious mother. Devolving into an existence of fear, hiding, identity theft, a terrible drug addiction, and eventually disinherited by his family, he found himself in a dark hole dug under the bottom of the barrel.

Day after day was spent drowning and hiding from the world in an escape of drugs and alcohol. Bishop began to eventually reach out through the computer screen and make connections that would ultimately save his life; but it would not be until just after the birth of his second son that Bishop’s life was ultimately redirected to a path of service and solitude. His experiences during the Dark Ages led him finally to pursue his Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology, an effort that is currently ongoing.


Bishop rose from the ashes of despair and discovered his redemption through a series of life changing experiences and a jail cell—not all at the same time—culminating in a incredible redefinition of his worldview and approach to life that began in the Summer of 1998 with a episode of intimate spiritual experiences, took a life-rending slap in the face in the Spring of 1999 to truly wake him up to the seriousness and depth of those experiences, and began a far more introverted journey in the Summer of 2005 which finally resolved to a state of personal equilibrium in the Spring of 2009.

After finishing what he thought was the last of his education at the University of Texas in 2014, Bishop moved on in the pursuit of another degree in Psychology in order to properly prepare himself for the goal of obtaining a Masters and Ph.D. in the same field.

He continued to write and work in his local community. As a lay counselor and ordained clergy, Bishop founded a religious non-profit in Dallas with the assistance of two colleagues in 2011. He began to write spiritual formation and education curriculum and set about creating guidelines for small group studies for a religious fraternity.

His first novella, Pandemonium, written in a raw, cathartic state after a traumatic event in 2004 and now in its third printing, continues to be available for the Kindle at, for the Nook at Barnes & Noble, and for iPad or iPhone at the iBookstore.

From the Ashes

Like a phoenix, Bishop rebuilt his life several times after the Dark Ages from next to nothing. Eventually, he found himself raising his autistic child alone while working and going to school full-time. In 2007, his mother lost her battle with leukemia. Having made peace with her in the final days of her life, Bishop came to restore his relationship with his elder son and father (the latter of which he lost in a tragic plane accident in June 2017). In 2008, he would be tried again in the battlefield of life set off by the final dissolution of his decades-long, rocky relationship with the mother of his daughter and youngest son. Starting in 2009, Bishop spent several years with a male partner who became the ‘other dad’ to his youngest son and they raised him together through puberty and the roughest of the teen years. Many years of mad traveling and ecstatic performances through time and space as they performed at Renaissance Festivals and Victorian events, there was an amazing level of joy and beauty throughout those years. After he and his partner separated for a little over a year, and then reconciled, Bishop commuted between their two DFW homes before they moved to Akron, Ohio.

Bishop completed his graduate work in Psychology at Angelo State University in December 2018. In the Spring of 2019, he started a Master of Education, Guidance and Counseling program at Angelo State University while waiting on his application for a Ph.D. program at the University of Akron. 

Life Extraordinaire

Starting in January 2016 and moving forward, his work as a full-time student, author, and lay counselor continues. Bishop also branched out in late 2016 and began working as an Assistant Behavior Analyst focused on learning challenged and autistic children.

Bishop is also focused on completing two new manuscripts for publication as well as co-authoring an autobiography—The Law of Falling Bodies, a three-volume, unconventional, exposé of his phenomenal journey and adventures through life.

In October 2017, Bishop and his partner married—on Friday the 13th.




BBA, Business Admin/BA, Sociology (1991)
BS, University Studies (2014)
BA, Psychology (2016)
MS, Applied Psychology (2018)
M.Ed, Guidance and Counseling (2020)
PhD, Counseling Psychology (pending)


Instructor Qualification (Apple, 2014)
Virtual Instructor Qualification (Apple, 2014)

Academic Publications

Toward the Development of a New Hypothesis and Measure for Narcissistic Victim Syndrome
University of Texas — Permian Basin (May 2016)

Facebook and Self-Perception
Angelo State University Social Science Research Journal (Dec 2016)

The Pygmalion Effect and Special Education
Angelo State University (October 2017)

Evil Is as Evil Does: The Zimbardo Fallacy
Angelo State University (December 2018)

Marital Happiness in Autonomous versus Arranged Marriages
Angelo State University (December 2018)