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☉︎ in 26° Gemini : ☽︎ in 14° Taurus : Anno Vvi

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

To my Beloved Companion: Greeting and health.

The word revival has such baggage, does it not? It conjures up images of tent meetings and backwater evangelistic snake oil salesmen. Have you ever looked up the term itself rather than let that boogieman of your mind define it for you? Revival means “an improvement in the condition or strength of something.” I mean, that fits the Ol’Time Religion definition, but it certainly shines through the grime of that past as well.

During this time of pandemic, and now as we’ve seen this uprising in the midst of a pandemic—because, no, the pandemic didn’t just go away because an uprising occurred—if there is one thing that we need to remain constantly focused it is on improving our condition and strength to come out the other side of all this both individually and collectively as a people.

It is through weary times, when the mind, the body, even our very soul is fatigued from the onslaught of exposure and outrage that we find ourselves in need of revival. We can know the bliss of the Beloved. We can find that comfort within ourselves, through ourselves—and, yes, even in each other in the recognition of that Oneness that sees the communion of the Saints for what it is: unity of the company of heaven.

Meditation Text: “The body is weary and the soul is sore weary and sleep weighs down their eyelids; yet ever abides the sure consciousness of ecstacy, unknown, yet known in that its being is certain. O Lord, be my helper, and bring me to the bliss of the Beloved!”

Repeat these three phrases to yourself as necessary, as a mantra of sorts, to remind yourself of each step of the path.

1. Touch. I touch the Bliss of Spiritual Consolation.
I will find something that symbolizes that sure consciousness of ecstasy, that bliss of the Beloved, the inner peace that comes through knowledge and conversation with the revival of in the face of desolation. Hold to that in this moment.

2. Desire. I desire the bliss of the Beloved.
I look today for the gift of bliss of the Beloved in all things, of greater hope and love, when I feel agitated or sad or trapped in darkness and in need of personal revival.

3. Choose. I choose the Viae Revivo, the Way of Revival.
Meditate on the words of the text above and the direction I wish to take:
   I choose to follow the way of revival, led by the Beloved, toward inner peace.
   I reject my desolation, being led into darkness, disturbed by that which distracts from my Will.
   I turn and walk away from the desolate and to a place of personal revival to share that with others.

4. Revive. I am revived in the bliss of the Beloved.
I find myself revived through that ecstasy of the spirit, the bliss of certainty of being. I call out, “O Lord, be my helper, and bring me to the bliss of the Beloved!” and I find healing therein. I am revived to bring compassion—that vice of kings—love, hope, and joy to the world around me.

In the end, give thanks. You don’t have to give thanks to anything or anyone in particular. Just be thankful for the moment. In that moment, though, consider two things: first, if possible, how can I connect with someone who connected with me and revived my body, mind, or spirit is some way; and, second, is there anyone that I could pass along this same exercise, someone who may need revival in some way that I can offer?

I look forward to continuing this journey with you, if you choose to continue, and see where it takes us.

Love is the law, love under will.




Image by Ray Bilcliff