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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

To my Beloved Companion: Greeting and health.

This past Fall, there was a science-fiction television show of some popularity in which the main character comes from a culture of loyalty. The common phrase between them is, “This [or That or It] is the Way.” The Way is the path, the set of common characteristics, they all follow in order to ensure survival through any obstacle.

Too many times we find that many of our challenges are mere distractions. Others are serious stumbling blocks to our own Way. In all things, in whom do you put your trust? It is fine to trust yourself first in all things, but you must remember that progress only happens through sharing yourself with others. In order to do that you have to have clear airways, open means of communication, and solid foundation from which to operate.

Meditation Text: “Also thou shalt convert the all-sweeping air into the winds of pale water, thou shalt transmute the earth into a blue abyss of wine.”

Repeat these three phrases to yourself as necessary, as a mantra of sorts, to remind yourself of each step of the path.

1. Freedom. I am free from the obstacles that stand in my way.
I look around me for a totem or object that symbolizes the destruction of obstacles in my path, that offers me a sense of power over those feelings, things, and distractions that insert themselves into my sense of direction.

2. Progress. I am making spiritual progress free from obstacles.
I discern the difference between an obstacle and a mountain to climb. I see the difference between that which hinders my Will and that which hones my Will. I will release the one and embrace the other. I will see them for what they are for me: progress.

3. Choose. I choose the Via Patefacio, the Way of Openness.
Meditate on the words of the text above.
   I choose to follow the way of openness, the gift that is both vulnerability and strength.
   I reject all obstacles, real or imagined, that distract from my Will.
   I walk through, over, or away from tall obstacles and into the Way of freedom and openness.

4. Freedom. I am released in the spirit of freedom.
I can imagine the Voice in me saying, “I have taken the rushing winds and made peace. I have turned the earth before you into the blue abyss of wine.” I feel released to go through my day to do my Will as I understand it today. The pathways between my mind and the world around me are clear, open, and ready to communicate.

In the end, give thanks. You don’t have to give thanks to anything or anyone in particular. Just be thankful for the moment. In that moment, though, consider two things: first, f possible, how can I connect with someone who cleared the Way for me and assisted me along the road to freedom; and, second, is there anyone that I could pass along this same exercise, someone who may need freedom from obstacles in their path?

I look forward to continuing this journey with you, if you choose to continue, and see where it takes us.

Love is the law, love under will.