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Four Pillars of the Bridal Chamber

Four Pillars of the Bridal Chamber
for the Holy Season of Epithalamion

The Four Pillars of the Bridal Chamber are the readings that are offered for the holy season of Epithalamion, the season that leads up to and includes the Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride.  These readings are for the four Sundays the precede that First Night feast. This is right around the 16th of July. The final reading is for the Feast night itself. It is the canopy that ties together and covers the four pillars.  

First Sunday Light is throned in the Heart of the Master, so that he thinks no evil. For in that Light all is Truth. Falsehood is but a function of the conditions of Time and Space, and the idea of evil comes only from perceiving the oppositions which are transcended by Truth. So each thing that is hath its root in Necessity; were the least of these lost, the whole Work should be marred.
Second Sunday Life wells in the Heart of the Master; Death is but the Systole of that marvelous pulse. Faint are the phantoms of Illusion; these, seized on by that vivid stream, thrill and throb with the glow of his reality; he leaves no possible form inane or inert; in him do all partake the sacrament of birth to Truth.
Third Sunday Love burns in the Heart of the Master: he, seeing only God in every thing, with the white flame of worship purges it of all its fancied imperfection. His boundless adoration kindles space itself, leaving no void that is not compassed by his passion.
Fourth Sunday Liberty leaps in the Heart of the Master; for every man and every woman is a star. Each follows, free and joyful, its own Will; for every Will alike has its essential function in the rhythm of the Heart of the Master. No star can stray from its self-chosen course: for in the infinite soul of space all ways are endless, all-embracing: perfect.
Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride By virtue of his Law he floods each thought with love, and marries it in turn to every other thought; and of each bridal night the fruits are twin, the Rapture of Silence, and some new World unguessed of Phantasy; of these behold one grim and one grotesque, this lyric and that lordly, the grievous and the gracious equal in His sight, for they know neither limit nor let in the infinite variety of their Beauty, making new Harmonies with every hour, beyond belief for Joy.