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Illuminations of the Sanctuary

The Illuminations of the Sanctuary
for use during the Lucis Adventum Vigilia

The Illuminations of the Sanctuary represent the sparks of light that have preceded the current aeon in the form of the Magi of the A∴A∴ prior to the Master Therion. These are: Tahuti, Mohesh, Lao-tze, Siddartha, Krishna, Dionysus (Jesus), and Mohammad. We honor these lights during the vigil of the coming of the light of the world in the time that leads up to our High Holy Season. While the season starts with the Feast of Light on the 2nd of February, the seven Sundays from that Feast until the Vernal Equinox on the 20th of March constitute the seven vigils. These are the readings for each Sunday. 

Note: Should there only be six Sundays, as happens in some years, the final vigil is subsumed into and included with the sixth vigil. 

Vigil Text Magus
Vigil 1 [T]he true Word of Tahuti was AMOUN, whereby He made Men to understand their secret Nature, that is, their Unity with their true Selves, or, as they then phrased it, with God.  Tahuti
Vigil 2 The Follower of Tahuti was an Egyptian whose Name is lost; but the Jews called Him Mosheh, or Moses, and their Fabulists made Him the Leader of their Legendary Exodus. Yet they preserved His Word, and it is IHVH …. But this Word is itself a Plan of the Fabrick of the Universe, and upon it hath been elaborated the Holy Qabalah, whereby we have Knowledge of the Nature of all Things soever upon every Plane of By-coming, and of their Forces and Tendencies and Operations, with the Keys to their Portals. Mohesh
Vigil 3 Lao-Tze, whose word was the Tao. […] For this Tao is the true Nature of Things, being itself a Way or Going, that is, a kinetic and not a static Conception. Also He taught this Way of Harmony in Will … Lao-tze
Vigil 4 [Siddartha’s] Word was Anatta; for the Root of His whole Doctrine was that there is no Atman, or Soul, as Men ill translate it, meaning a Substance incapable of Change. Thus, He […] based all upon a Movement, instead of a fixed Point. And His Way of Truth was Analysis, made possible by great Intention of the Mind toward itself, and that well fortified by certain tempered Rigour of Life. And He most thoroughly explored and Mapped out the Fastnesses of the Mind, and gave the Keys of its Fortresses into the Hand of Man. Siddartha
Vigil 5 [T]he true Word of Krishna was AUM, importing rather a Statement of the Truth of Nature than a practical Instruction in detailed Operations of Magick. Krishna
Vigil 6 Dionysus, by the Word INRI, laid the Foundation of all Science, as We say Science to-day in a particular Sense, that is, of causing external Nature to change in Harmony with our Wills. Dionysus
Vigil 7 [Mohammad’s] true Word was La ALLH, that is to say: (there is) No God … Mohammad