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Eleven Standard Orations

Eleven Standard Orations for use with the Lectionary and Daily Office

The Eleven Standard Orations (and three alternatives) are available for use with the Daily Office. While the current Daily Office provides for two orations already, there is no particular reason that others cannot be substituted with personal preference. These orations are also used with the Lectionary during Sunday Liturgical Readings.
Oration Title Text Source
1 Doxology

Gloria Patri et Matri et Filio et Filiae et Spiritui Sancto Externo et Spiritui Sancto Interno, ut erat est erit in saecula Saeculorum

Glory be to the Father and the Mother and the Son and the Daughter and the Holy Spirit without and the Holy Spirit within as it was, is, will be for ages and ages.

2 Thou Child Now I begin to pray: Thou Child,
Holy Thy name and undefiled!
Thy reign is come;
Thy will is done.
Here is the Bread; here is the Blood.
Bring me through midnight to the Sun!
Save me from Evil and from Good!
That Thy one crown of all the Ten
Even now and here be mine.
Liber XLIV
3 Darkness, A Dragon Darkness, a dragon, now devours
The vision of those deadly powers,
The legions of the lords of sin.
It is an hour ere dawn begin.
“The Initiation” from Collected Works
4 Creative Breath Silence: I utter the Creative Breath,
The Word against the Son of Night,
The Truth of Life against the Lie of Death,
The Modes of measured Might,
The Wisdom of the twofold phrase,
The Root of Throbbing Energy-Delight
The Shaking of the Viewless Void of Space,
The Making manifest of Mother-Mass,
The Pierceing of the Coils of Apophrasz,
The Breaking-forth of Light.
Hymn to Tahuti (Source?)
5 Speech in the Silence The Speech in the Silence.
The Words against the Son of Night.
The Voice of Tahuti in the Universe in the Presence of the Eternal.
The Formulas of Knowledge.
The Wisdom of Breath.
The Root of Vibration.
The Shaking of the Invisible.
The Rolling Asunder of the Darkness.
The Becoming Visible of Matter.
The Piercing of the Scales of the Crocodile.
The Breaking Forth of the Light!
Liber LXIV
6 Light Breaks Forth Hail Asi! Hail Hoor-Apep!
Let The Silence speech beget!
The Words against the Son of Night,
Tahuti speaketh in the Light.
Knowledge and Power, twin warriors, shake
The invisible; they roll asunder
The Darkness; matter shines, a snake.
Sebek is smitten by the thunder—
The Light breaks forth from under!
7 Come Thou Forth Come Thou forth, I say, come Thou forth!
And make all Spirits subject unto Me:
So that every Spirit of the Firmament
And of the Ether.
And of the Earth.
And under the Earth.
On dry land
And in the Water.
Of whirling Air
And of rushing Fire.
And every Spell and Scourge of God the Vast One, may be obedient unto Me!
Liber LXIV
8 Inmost Fire

ADONAI! Thou inmost fire,
Self-glittering image of my soul,
Strong lover to thy Bride’s desire,
Call me and claim me and control!
I pray Thee keep the holy tryst
Within this ring of Amethyst.


Prostrate I wait upon Thy will,
Mine Angel, for this grace of union.
O let this Sacrament distil
Thy conversation and communion.
I pray Thee keep the holy tryst
Within this ring of Amethyst.

The Wake World
9 Bornless Spirit I am He! the Bornless Spirit! having sight in the feet: Strong, and the Immortal Fire!
I am He! the Truth!
I am He! Who hate that evil should be wrought in the World!
I am He, that lighteneth and thundereth!
I am He, from whom is the Shower of the Life of Earth!
I am He, whose mouth ever flameth!
I am He, the Begetter and Manifester unto the Light!
I am He, The Grace of the Worlds!
“The Heart Girt with a Serpent” is my name!
Liber DCCC
10 The Sole Word Do what thou wilt! is the sole word
Of law that my attainment heard.
Arise, and lay thine hand on God!
11 Come, Let Us Worship Come, let us worship our Father, our King, the Sun, and stand proud before Him.
Come, let us worship our Mother, our Queen, the Earth, and stand proud before Her.
Come, let us worship that Source and Seed that which we are beyond all that we know, and stand pround in this Presence.
ALT Thou, Star of the East Thou, Star of the East, that didst conduct the Magi!
Thou art The Same all-present in Heaven and in Hell!
Thou that vibratest between the Light and the Darkness!
Rising, descending! Changing ever, yet ever The Same!
The Sun is Thy Father!
Thy Mother the Moon!
The Wind hath borne Thee in its bosom; and Earth hath ever nourished the changeless Godhead of Thy Youth!
Emerald Tablet of Hermes
ALT Ave Babalon Hail Babalon, filled with joy!
Ra-hoor-khu is with Thee.
Blessed and cursed art Thou in Thy glory,
And glorious the Beast on whom Thou ridest.
Scarlet Woman, Mother of Abominations,
Gather our blood in the golden cup of Thy fornication.
T Polyphilus
ALT Anima Therion Soul of the Beast, sanctify me.
Body of the Beast, nourish me.
Blood of the Beast, inebriate me.
Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, O Therion, and I shall be clean;
Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
Inflame in us Therion the fire of your love and the flame of eternal devotion.
To Mega Therion, hear me:
Turn thine heads towards me;
On thine horns exalt me;
Grant the death forbidden unto me,
And bid me shine forever.
Blessing and worship to the prophet of the lovely star.
T Polyphilus