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Order of the Daily Office

Order of the Daily Office

The Order of the Daily Office is the manner in which the Daily Office is read through each of the three ‘hours’ of the day: Vespers, Compline, and Matins. It should be noted that the liturgical or sacred “day” starts at sundown, hence the start of the Order of the Daily Office is with Vespers. 

Vespers is between dinnertime and sunset. Compline is bedtime, after dark. Matins is dawn before sunrise. There are some technical times for these with other religious organizations, but the Order of Deacons looks at the Daily Office in a more pragmatic manner. Hit the target. The timing does not have to be perfect.

The table below provides all the aspects for each of the three hours of the day. The various components can be found in the menu items to the right.

An explanation of the Prayers is required. The Prayers uses the text of The Treasure-House of Images. To determine to correct prayer of the hour, take the hour and find the signs in which the Sun and the Moon currently reside. The Sun sign will determine the “Chapter” to be used from the Treasure-House; the Moon sign will determine the “Verse” from that chapter. Many times you may have the same prayer for both the evening and morning prayers. 

It should be noted that the format below is the recommended form and has been developed for thoroughness and consistency throughout. However, it is equally vague on purpose in order to provide a template of use for those wishing to substitute their own choices from the various tables indicated. The choice for Oration I, (11) Come, Let Us Worship, fits here nicely, but someone might prefer to use (4) Creative Breath instead. That is perfectly alright to do. If you have a particular ritual of Examen from another spiritual source that you prefer, feel free to substitute it here. There is no worry that ours is better than some other. We have provided structure, a doctrine if you will, but Order of Deacons do not and will not insist on a dogma of the Daily Office. 

Order Reference Vespers Compline Matins

Preces: (in offering) Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Preces: (in response) Love is the Law, Love under Will.

Oration I (11) Come, Let Us Worship
See Standard Orations Table
See Hymns for Appropriate Selections as Indicated XX XXI I
Lighting of the Lamps
See Antiphons Table: 35-37
THI: Sun/Moon Signs
  • Appreciate the moments of the day and the gifts it has given you.
  • Invite your Angel, Higher Power, God, or other spiritual caretaker to guide you through a review of the day.
  • Write down your insights from the day.
  • Acknowledge both the successes and the failures of the day.
  • Stop and reflect on how you have both furthered and thwarted your own Will.
  • Steadfastly resolve to continue living to the fullest tomorrow in the pursuit of your Will.
See Table of Propers for Collect of the Day
See Lectionary for Reading
Oration II (2) Thou Child 
See Standard Orations Table
Closing (13) Fear Not
See Antiphons Table
☩ The LORD bless you. ☩ The LORD enlighten your minds and comfort your hearts and sustain your bodies. ☩ The LORD bring you to the accomplishment of your true Wills, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.