a wellspring of spiritual sustenance 

Order of Deacons (Ordo Diaconum)

Cenobium of Fools is a fount of wisdom and folly for those who have ears to hear in the silence and eyes to see in the darkness.

The Order of Deacons (Ordo Diaconum) is a Thelemic refuge constituted in harmony with the A∴A∴ as regards the essential principles. The Order holds no secrets. The Order claims no mysteries hiding away in the reliquaries of its eternal facade. The Order hides no arcana, but freely provides all it has to those who seek, knock, and ask.

The Order is firmly grounded in the Book of the Law as received and revealed by the Prophet To Mega Therion (Aleister Crowley), and oriented toward spiritual development and practices in harmony with the Law of Thelema and the foundation laid by the Prophet. In addition, a supplementary curriculum follows the teachings of Fr. Kέρβερος Δαμάζω. (K∴∆∴).

The aims of the Order of Deacons can be understood clearly by openly stating it works to adhere to the Law of Thelema; to advance the greater Body of Nuit; to awaken the Law in daily life; and to affect social concerns in conformance with the Law.

All of this requires a personal commitment to excellence and growth. To such an end, the Order of Deacons prompts

    • individual sovereignty
    • self-discovery
    • personal accountability
    • social responsibility

To distill this down to a simple sentence, then, we would say, the Order of Deacons teaches a fully informed and engaged life in adherence with the Law of Thelema.