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the book of bishop


The seat of dead works, rotting on shelves of electronic dust and withering away like the bones of forgotten memories.

The Scriptorium is partial catalogue of both public and private papers, outlines and notes, online discussions, transcriptions of recorded conversations, and lectures spanning over three decades of academic, private, and personal writing in various fields of study.

The Scriptorium is a work in progress and updating irregularly.

Papers, Lectures, Transcriptions,
Online Discussions, and Outlines & Notes

Online | Archived

Published Work

  • Chambers Ov Reflection, forthcoming
    (with Jorden Haley)
  • Ethereal Lake, 1995
  • Horror of Cresthaven Hollow, 1991 
  • Liber Viæ Umbræ, 1997
  • Pandemonium, 2004
  • A Study of Names, 2007
    (As Johnathon Victor Reese)

Academic (Secular) Work

Essays, Papers, and Studies

Anecdotes, Conversations, and Discussions

  • Conversations on Gilgamesh
    • Gilgamesh—The Hero’s Journey
    • Gilgamesh—Examining a Woman’s Role
    • Hell Hath No Fury
    • The Civilizing of Enkidu
    • The Friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu
    • The Importance of Dreams—Gilgamesh and Joseph
    • Dreams of Leadership
  • Discussions on Anthropology
    • Fear God and Ignore the Rest: A Response on Religion
    • Monkey Boy and Credibility: A Response on Evolution
    • Science and Faith: A Response on Religion
  • Discussions on Literature: Primary Topics
    • Heroic Resistance, Antigone
    • A Little Madness is Good for the Soul, Don Quixote
    • Miserable Is As Miserable Does, Thousand and One Nights
    • There is Healing in Her Wings, Thousand and One Nights
    • The Truthfulness of Myths, “Noah,” “Joseph,” and “Jonah”
  • Discussions on Literature: Responses
    • Literature & Religion: A Response on Thousand and One Nights
    • Madness and Worldviews: A Response on Don Quixote
  • Discussions on Abnormal Psychology
    • Adaptation, Breaking Borders, and the Myth of the Damaged Childhood
    • Breaking Down Anxiety & Depression: A Matter of Control
    • The Myth of Mental Illness
  •  Thelema w/ Bishop, Occulture Shock Podcast S2 Ep3

Research, Curiosities, & Miscellany

  • A Night To Remember—Reflections of a Child’s Birthday
  • Cathedral: A Virtual Gaming Environment
  • Conversations with the Gene Pool
  • Cthulhu Fhtagn [Flash Fiction]
  • First Day of Kindergarten: A Parent’s View
  • Legacy
    • Volume I
      • Prodigal
      • Ethereal Lake
      • Eye of the Beholder: Raptures of the Mad Seer
      • Carnival of Souls: Myths for a New Millennium
      • Wünderkind Hypothesis
      • Courting the Reaper
    • Volume II
      • State of Mind
      • Choking on the Apple
      • Family Myth
      • Social Morte
      • Innocent Blood
      • By the Pen, By the Sword
    • Volume III
      • Deus Ex Machina
      • Olympicus Spiritus
      • Falling off the Mountain
      • Omens and Portents
      • Paradise Remembered
      • Salvation Medium-Rare
    • Navȯmar Conlang
    • Nuns on the Run [Flash Fiction]
As Johnathon Victor Reese
  • Born of Gold, Flesh, and Fire—Journey through Synodos Logos
  • Daedalian Accord: Proposal and Study of Cenobitic Thelema
    • Dynamics of the Daedalian Accord
      • Four Virtues of the Accord
      • Seven Realms of Society
      • Six Relationships
      • Six Charismata of Endeavor
    • Praxis of the Daedalian Accord
      • Three Observances
      • Three Sacramental Bonds
      • Five Pillars of Nobility of Action
      • Six Precepts of Discipline
      • Three Rivers of Thelema
      • Nine Keys of Existence
      • Four Swords of the Pursuit of Knowledge
      • Five Skeins of the Mind
  • Fama Homo Nobilis
  • The Fourfold Fortress
  • The Synod of the Word

Thelema, ex mea sententia

ab intra A∴A∴ & Ordo Templi Orientis

  • Address to the Bubastis Strategy Summit Meeting
  • A Critical Analysis of the Class A Comment
  • Cutting Through The Bullshit: A Polemic 
  • Cycles of the Year
  • Feast of the Sun (A Six Course Dance of Cuisine)
  • Features of Systematic Thelema
  • The First Paradox
  • The Hermeneutic Journey
  • In the Kisses of Nu: Death of a Thelemite
  • Learning and Unlearning
  • Liber LXXIX: The Lion Gate
    • Qabalistic and Referential Analysis of Liber LXXIX
  • Manifestation of Incarnation: The Temple Design of Liber XV
  • Monasticism and Thelema
  • Monasticism in the New Aeon
    • Part I: Spiritual Exercises for a New Millennium
    • Part II: Rituals of the Elements, Feasts of the Times
    • Part III: Concerning the Rule for a New Abbey of Thelema
  • The Monks of Thelema
    • The Monks of Thelema: In Theory
    • The Monks of Thelema: In Practice
  • The Myth of Thelema—A Conversation
  • The New Eden Trilogy
    • In the Garden of Knowledge
    • Eden Burning
    • From the Ashes, Paradise [Never Written]
  • O.T.O. A Plan For Society
  • Of the Mass: A New Exploration of Liber XV
  • On the Pursuit of Doctrinal Sanity
  • A Philosophical Inquiry of Thelema
  • Quest for a Systematic Theory of Thelema
  • Rule Concerning Church Sentiment
  • Self-Care in the Time of Pandemic 
  • A Tableau of the Thoth Tarot
  • Thelema and the Sinister Path
  • Thelema With Teeth
  • A Thelemic Rosary
    • Reflections on a Thelemic Rosary
  • XI: The Inscrutable Palace  
As Fr. Kέρβερος Δαμάζω (Kerberos Damazo)
  • Domus Mundi: In Pursuit of an Adeptus Exemptus Thesis
  • First Letters [in progress]
  • Letters to the Beloved Companion [in progress]
    • The Company of Heaven
    • Once and Future Kings
    • Gold, Steel, and Fire
    • Trees of Eternity
    • Enginery of War
    • Vice of Kings
    • Crowned & Conquering
    • In the Heart of Babalon
    • Ars Decidii: The Art of Killing a God

ab intra HeartFlame Ministries

  • Conversations over Coffee: A Breakfast Companion for Talk Thelema Groups 
  • Four Gates to One Palace
  • Hababi365: Through the Holy Books in a Year
  • Liturgy of the Sun (A Communion of Saints)
  • Sacraments of Kaaba House

ab intra Society for Thelemic Literature

  • A Critique of Crowleyan Pedagogy
  • An Examination of Crowley’s Exegesis
  • An Ideological Spectrum of Thelema
  • In Pursuit of a Thelemic Metaphysics
  • Operation Doomsday: One Approach to a Thelemic Canon
As Johnathon Victor Reese
  • Book of Four Gates: A Reader for the Thelemic Religious
  • Institutes of a Thelemic Theology
    • Eleven Steps of Thelemic Exegesis
    • Rule Concerning Thelemic Hermeneutics
  • The Holy Books of Thelema [ISV]: A Manuscript Proposal
  • Thelemic Reformation: In Apology of Academic Discourse

† Outline published as “Cycles of the Year”